Este artículo es la transcripción inglesa/estadounidense del episodio "Piloto" de la serie Las Aventuras de Popo y Nana

Piloto (APN)/Transcripción estadounidense
Saga o Temporada 0, Episodio 0
Código de producción: 0
Fecha de estreno: 08/05/2017
Escrito por: Ricky13
"Las aventuras comienzan/Transcripción estadounidense"

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Personajes princípales Editar

  • Popo (no oficial)
  • Nana (no oficial)
  • Carámbano (no oficial) (antagonista)

Personajes menores Editar

  • Cónor (no oficial)
  • Topi (no oficial) (antagonista)

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(The episode begins with an icy region called the ice)

(It's day, it's just dawn)

Popo: Oh! It's morning, Nana, get up.

(Nana wakes up is sleepy)

Nana: Popo, good morning ...

Popo: Nana, change it, I told you we'd get work.

Nana: With whom?

Popo: With a certain Cónor, I contacted him yesterday.

Nana: Okay, wait till I get dressed.

(Nana dresses are already ready)

Nana: All right, let's go.

(Popo and Nana go 10 minutes to get to the ice, the city.)

Popo: This is very beautiful. Hey Nana, let's go with that gentleman, the Cónor told me he'll ask someone near where he lived.

Nana: Okay, come on.

(They are going to ask the gentleman)

Popo: Sir, could you tell me where the Cónor lives?

Sir: Live to Haya (pointing to the right). And my name is Icicle.

Nana: Ok, thank you! N.n ... I have a bad feeling about this.

(They arrive at the house of the conor)

Popo: (ringing) We're Popo and Nana.

Cónor: Oh, welcome!

(Popo and Nana enter)

Nana: Wow, what a magical place.

Popo: This house is very big.

Cónor: Well, Popo you told me you wanted to live adventures, do missions, etc.

Nana: What !? That's not what I wanted to have ... (it's interrupted by Popo)

Popo: Well, yes, tell us the mission.

Nana: Bye, just because you're my brother does not mean you can tell me.

Cónor: Well, they'll have to investigate here, it's easy, look for a Icicle tar, he's been stealing our merchandise. Your duty is to catch him.

Popo: Yes, boss.

Nana: What you say.

(Popo and nana depart)

Nana: Great, now we have to be secret agents.

Popo: Little sister, do not be angry, that's all I could do.

Nana: You would have told me what to look for work.

Popo: Let's go, to the northern village, maybe there.

Nana: But the boss said we'll look here.

Popo: It does not matter.

(Go to the north village)

Popo: Listen, sir, I know about someone called Icicle.

Sir: I do not know! And my name is Topi strangers! (angry)

Nana: Fine, but why are you angry?

Topi: I have stress ... Yes, now go away and leave me alone. !!

Popo: Good, good.

Topi: Larguense !!!

(Popo and nana go away)

Nana: Go to that man if he was angry.

Popo: Okay, but let's go back to the village.

Nana: Fine.


Popo: It's getting dark and we have not found anything.

Nana: Now that I remember, the gentleman I asked him about where the boss lived, his name was Icicle!

Popo: You're right! We'll see!!

(Go with the icicle)

Nana: Icicle, you're under arrest!

Popo: Give it up.

Icarpus: Mmmjjj, you know the truth. They think that you can defeat me, because I do not believe it, I am the Icicle, I am invincible !!

Nana: Popo, behind him.

Popo: Let's go, sister.

(Popo and nana follow the icicle)

Popo: It's impossible, we can not.

Nana: Wait, I seem to have something in my pocket. (Looking in your pocket) It's my enlargement deck !!

Popo: Oh, do it sister!

(Nana enlarges the deck and throws it at the icicle)

Nana: Goodbye, Caramby. (He throws it)

Icicle: Do you think they can stop me ?! Au! (He falls on the head and faints)

(Cónor arrives)

Cónor: Good job, boys, now let's get him to jail.

(They take him to jail)

Popo: Well, it's time for you to pay for your crimes.

Nana: We beat you!

Cónor: Well, take your pay. (Give them a thousand zenis)

Popo: Wow ...

Nana: It's a lot of money.

Cónor: I hope you can count on your help for more missions.

Popo: Of course.

Nana: What will be the next mission?

End of the pilot.

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